Know Why and How to Backup Gmail Account

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Importance of Backing Up Gmail Account

Gmail is one of the widely used mailing services provided by Google which is used to store user emails, contacts, calendars, attachments as spreadsheets, slides, documents etc into user Google account. User can access Gmail account data anytime by providing username and password. Although, Google is considered a safe element at its place but it is always good to keep a backup of all the data into a local disk so that it can be utilized at the time of need.

How do I backup my Gmail account? This question is common amongst many Gmail users because they fear losing their important email information. No matter how hard Google tries to be reliable, at last it is technology which somehow results in failure. A precaution should always be prepared for handling these failures. Part of this preparation is learning how to backup your Gmail account. Losing access to your Gmail account could be detrimental to your job or just a big trouble. If you were to lose access to your Gmail account, first thing that comes into your mind is to save your emails and contacts information.

There are many ways through which the backup of Gmail account data can be created. But before we get into the details, we need to understand the situations where a backup of Gmail emails will come handy:

  • If your main Gmail account gets hacked, you can still access all contacts of your Gmail account.
  • If any important email is deleted accidently from Gmail account, you can easily retrieve it from backup.

Different ways to Backup Google Mail 
Below enlisted are useful methods through which Gmail backup can be created, choose a method according to your needs and requirement.

  • Forward your mails to any other email account 
    Gmail forwarding is the easiest way to backup the emails which you receive. But there is limitation using this method it allows to forward only incoming mails to any other email address. Sent items mails cannot be forwarded using this method.
  • Backup all the emails in your Gmail Account with POP 
    Go to Gmail settings and choose “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab, configure your email client that supports POP clients. Emails in Spam and Trash are not got by any other email client until these mails are moved to Inbox/All mail folder.