Check Out How to Merge Contacts from Two PST Files

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Microsoft Outlook mailing application is also considered as work management application. It has many built-in utilities that help the user to manage their other works beside just sending and receiving of mails. Like calendar to check dates and fix appointments accordingly, task to manage work, contacts to manage contact related information.

But, Outlook is also prone to corruption and the biggest issue of corruption in Outlook PST is over size issue. The Microsoft Outlook PST is available in two versions and both the versions have different size limitation. For ANSI it is 2 GB while for Unicode it is 20 GB and in latest Outlook 2013 Unicode version the size limitation is of 50 GB.

As the users PST size start increases and reaches to its maximum limit, the performance of PST slows down. And in extreme condition when it crosses its maximum size limit then either it hangs or get corrupted.

In-order to keep a limitation on the increasing size of PST, users uses some external tools and split the PST in fragments. This way the size of PST get reduce and user creates multiple PSTs within the Outlook. But, the fact here is, when a user split the PST, entire data of PST get split and the data of contact folder, task folder, calendar folder everything get divided.

Although a user can manage with the divided calendar and task, but when it comes to contacts then it becomes the big issue for them. The reason being, when users need to send bulk mail then they requires all the contacts. Otherwise they have to copy paste the split contacts to master mail and then add all contacts in single mail.

Then the question arises here is what to do other than this? Because user has already split the PST and the contacts are scattered in different PST.

Well! To overcome with the problem there is an option available. And the option is take the help of third party tool. But, it has to be kept in mind before selecting the external tool to merge the contacts of Outlook that majority of the tools offers merge of entire PST rather merge of only contact folder.