Configure Outlook 2010 – Automatically or Manually

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Know How to Configure Microsot Outlook 2010

Step 1: Start Microsot Outlook to Configure with Email Account.

Step 2: Click on "Next" button to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 in this wizard.

Step 3: To configure an E-mail account, click on "Yes" button and hit "Next" button.

Step 4: Click on "E-mail Account" radio button and fill all the required field as shown below ["Your Name", "E-mail Address", and "Password"] and then click on "Next" button to reach the next step.

Step 5: Now, you will see the below given screen where Outlook will search the server settings to configure account.

Step 6: Now, click on "Finish" button to check the added emails in Microsoft Outlook. After this step, your account will be configured in Microsoft Outlook.

Step 7: In last, you can check your emails in Desktop email client (Outlook) as shown below.

Configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 Manually

Step 1: If you want to configure your account manually, then click on "Add Account" option as shown on below screenshot.

Step 2: In second step, you will need to select radio button labelled "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and click on "Next" button.

Step 3: In this step, you will see the four options. Click on required option and hit "Next" button.

  • Internet E-mail: If you want to configure your email account with POP or IMAP server, simply click on this option.
  • Microsoft Exchange or compatible service: If you want to access your email messages through Exchange server, click on this optin.
  • Text Messaging (SMS): For mobile messaging service, choose this option.
  • Other: If you want to connect Outlook with server mails, you need to go with this option.

In this section, we are going to configure Gmail account therefore, we selected first option.

Step 4: Now fill all the fields as shown below. After entering information of User, Server, and Logon, click on More Setting option to reach the advanced setting for configuring account.

Step 5: In Advanced tab, click on check box labelled "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" because Gmail uses this services over SSL connection for security purpose. This information is only for Gmail account. Now, select SSL connection from drop down list. It will added the type of encrypted connection.

Step 6: Now under Outgoing server, click on check box labelled "My outgoing server (SMTP) required authentication." and then click on radio button labelled "Use same settings as my incoming mail server". Click on "Ok" button.

Step 7: In this step, decide where you want to recieve the messages. If you want to receive messages by creating new Outlook data file, click on first option or select option labelled "Existing Outlook Data file" for receiving messges in existing Outlook data file.

Step 8: Now, hit the "Next" button to proceed the next step.

Step 9: Now a Windows will prompt on your screen as show below. Click on "Close" button.

Step 10: You have successfully configured your account with Microsot Outlook 2010. Now, click on "Finish" button to finalize the process.