How to Remove Duplicate Emails from MS Outlook?

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MS Outlook is useful desktop application, which is capable in managing users’ emails, contacts, calendars, journals and to do list data within PST file. But sometimes user faces difficulty to maintain emails data within Outlook because of duplicates. Outlook users receive lots and lots of emails in their daily Outlook mailboxes at workplace but to find out duplicate emails amongst thousands of emails is not an easy process.

Reasons Responsible For Creating Duplicate Emails In Outlook Profile

  • Sometimes multiple copies of same email are received by friends, team mates and co-workers for driving your attention towards the same news. This creates duplicate copies of emails in MS Outlook mailbox account.
  • It is often seen that interrupted or incorrect synchronization of Outlook account with laptop or mobile device causes duplicity of emails.
  • Another reason for creating duplicate emails in Outlook account may be configuration of Outlook account with the mail server. Users usually activate “Leave message on server” option. When various PST files are merged, it also results in duplicity of emails.
  • Antivirus programs also responsible for creating duplicate emails, yes you may shocked but it’s true. Sometimes when we click on send/receive button during the process then, it may result as duplicate email entries in the mailbox.

The reason could be any one of above mentioned, but it causes a lot of inconvenience to the users.

Problems Due to Duplicate Emails in Outlook

It is well known by most of the users that Outlook is one of the composite applications of Microsoft office suite, which requires a lot of maintenance and resources for its smooth execution. The huge amount of emails will surely consume more space to store it. As a result Outlook will start slowly and huge data also becomes the reason ill-performance of Outlook.

In addition when mailbox data of Outlook reaches 2-3 GB, it may also result in displaying hanging, freezing or not responding errors which are signs of corruption.

How To Delete Duplicate Outlook emails?

Unluckily, even the latest version of Outlook 2013 is not facilitated with any built-in tool that helps us to remove duplicate email messages in Outlook folders. It is suggested either to delete duplicates manually or go for external third party solutions.

Manual deletion of small collection of emails could be possible but what if you have thousands of emails? Well don’t worry, we have solution. 

Use Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool    

Outlook Duplicate Remover software is one of the finest solutions to remove duplicate email messages in Outlook. Commerical tool does not require any manual efforts just add files or folders from which you want to remove duplicates and click on remove, it will give you resultant in few minutes.  

You can Google for Commercial solution to remove duplicate Outlook emails.